Why Does Not Pet Insurance Cover Exam Fees?

Exam fees are not covered by most pet insurance policies. They can cost anywhere from $30 at a primary care veterinarian’s office to $200 at an emergency clinic. Most insurance policies cover sick visit exam fees but not the actual diagnostics or treatments. Therefore, if you’re wondering why your insurance won’t cover exam fees, consider buying a wellness plan to cover the cost of annual physical exams. You can also add on additional riders that cover vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and health screenings.

There are two main categories of pet health problems: hereditary and congenital. Hereditary disorders are those that affect your pet from birth and can cause complications down the road. However, many pet insurance plans will cover congenital disorders and hereditary conditions that don’t show symptoms. In addition, some policies cover drugs and procedures, but not exam fees. You should check the policy documents to see what types of examinations your pet will be covered for.

There are many options when it comes to paying for exams and treatments for your pet. You can opt for a higher monthly payment or a higher reimbursement percentage. It all depends on what you want out of your pet health insurance plan. Most plans require an annual deductible. Some have a lifetime limit or per incident payout. You should always look for a plan that offers unlimited payouts. Once you have a plan, you can select the amount you want to reimburse.

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