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Why Do Most Real Estate Agents Think They Can Do It Part-Time?

Despite this myth, working in real estate is a full-time occupation for many. In fact, most agents are independent contractors, meaning they set their own hours and priorities. Many of them work from home and set their own goals, reaping the benefits of their own successes. But why do most of them think they can do it part-time? Here are three reasons why. You must have a strong desire to work in real estate.

First, juggling several jobs is a nightmare. Real estate agents must have flexible schedules, especially when they are juggling multiple responsibilities. Their clients can’t wait around for their agents to make an appointment. They also need to be available when they are working. That can be difficult when your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend to your clients. Part-time agents are encouraged to join a real estate team, as they can cover each other’s absences. However, this means they’ll have to share their commission with team members. Read more about:

Another big mistake that new real estate agents make is thinking they can work part-time. They may have kids or be transitioning careers and are interested in making extra money. However, part-time real estate agents need to consider the long-term implications of working in this field. Even if it is the case, it is vital to know what you’re getting yourself into before you decide to take it on full-time. If you don’t have a lot of time, part-time real estate agents can close their first deal within two months.

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