Which floors give a concrete look?

The concrete look floor is a stylish, modern floor that fits perfectly with an advanced inside plan of a home or business building. Such a story resembles a concrete floor however the solace of a rug.

There are different floor types that can be provided with a concrete look. This way you can give your home or office the beautiful look of cement, without pouring a genuine concrete floor.

Which floors give a concrete look?

A concrete look floor resembles concrete. This gives a modern, powerful and solid look that is incredibly appropriate for your lounge room or business space. Various floors are accessible with a concrete look, specifically:


PVC floor

Cement-bound cast floor

Residential concrete floor or concrete ciré

Ceramic tile with a concrete look

Polished concrete

Vinyl with a concrete look

It is consequently essentially cast floors and synthetic floors that can be provided with a concrete look. Regardless, you have a lot of decisions while introducing another floor. We also have egaline vloer which is the most ideal choice for your home or office.

The best concrete look floor

In the event that you might want to lay a concrete look floor, it is great to check which concrete-look floor best suits what is going on.

Ceramic tiles with a concrete look

This is a tiled floor with a concrete look that is sans scratch. This makes the floor reasonable for regions where, for instance, there is a ton of strolling. The floor isn’t reasonable for weighty furnishings or machines.

Cast floor with concrete look

This sound-retaining, consistent and waterproof floor is cast and is the ideal floor for a family home. Extraordinary fluid tight modern cast floors are accessible to industry.

Polished concrete floor

This is a genuine, hard concrete floor that is polished with quartz or potentially variety. A covering is applied ready to move on. The floor is sans scratch and has a high burden-bearing limit. This makes the floor appropriate for display areas or retail spaces, for instance.

PVC or vinyl floor with a concrete look

A vinyl or PVC floor is reasonable, practical, clean, and can be introduced flawlessly. These floors are many times utilized in homes.

Beton cire vloer

beton cire vloer  floor is great for floors in new-form homes. The floor is 2 mm thick and is laid on top of the current floor. This floor is likewise reasonable for a washroom and latrine.

Laying the concrete look floor


A concrete look floor is constantly introduced on an even, level surface. This frequently implies that the current subfloor should initially be evened out. This is many times custom work.

The old floor covering must initially be eliminated. Assuming you have underfloor warming, this is finished with exceptional machines. The floor is then sanded and evened out.

Laying the floor

A cast floor is poured over the subfloor and made smooth. A PVC floor will normally be stuck or clicked, while with a concrete ciré floor, the concrete look will be applied over the current concrete floor.

Contingent upon the picked floor and the surface, laying requires 1 to 3 days.


After the floor has been laid, the evading sheets are fitted and the edges and corners are well managed with the goal that the floor fits neatly against the walls.

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