What is More Important For Health – Diet Or Exercise?

It’s hard to tell which is more important for health – diet or exercise? Studies have shown that diet influences the body’s changes far more than exercise. A normal exerciser may do three to four hours of cardio or weight training each week, while eating three healthy meals a day. Conversely, a health conscious person may eat five to six times per day. A combination of these two elements is best for your overall health.

While exercise helps burn calories and promotes a healthy weight, it is not sufficient to achieve these goals by itself. Diet and exercise work together to support each other and keep you healthy. While exercise alone isn’t enough to guarantee health, it’s a great start. Proper nutrition will also make it easier to exercise regularly. When you combine the two, you’ll reap the rewards! This isn’t to say that exercise alone is ineffective.

However, exercise helps regulate blood sugar, improve mental concentration, and boost self-esteem. For this reason, diet and exercise are better than one without the other. In addition to regulating blood sugar, diet and exercise help a person achieve a calorie deficit, causing the body to burn fat and muscle instead of essential tissues. Exercise also improves overall health, and increases one’s sense of self-esteem.

Eating large amounts of food is easy, but not as effective as exercising. Exercise triggers an appetite, which can lead to overeating. Exercising makes you feel full longer, but it also means that you’re absorbing more calories than you burn during the workout. To illustrate, imagine visiting the gym five times a week for one hour each time, and doing a thirty-minute cardio session and a 30-minute weight-training session. Those 20 visits will have a positive effect on your overall health.

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