Types Of Damages In A Car Accident 

A car accident can leave the victims with severe physical injuries and mental trauma. Many car accident victims have problems gathering medical help and legal assistance after the accident. After the accident, the victim might be contacted by the defendant about compensation or damages. In such cases, the victim must speak with an attorney to help them achieve the best outcome. 

Apart from legal supervision after the accident, recovering from injuries and damages can be crucial. Although, many people do not know the types of damages that occur in a car accident. Being aware of such factors can help you deal with the case more effectively and better. 

Let us go through the types of damages in a car accident below: 

  • Medical expenses 

Medical expenses are also considered as a type of damage when settling a claim. Medical expenses are a large part of economic Damages in a car accident. This damage covers each expense related to medical support required after the accident. Medical expense damages can likely include the elements mentioned below: 

  • Medical appointments
  • Surgeries 
  • Ambulance costs 
  • Hospital stays 
  • Prosthetic devices 
  • Costs of rehabilitation
  • Cognitive therapy for brain-related injuries

Income loss 

Income loss is also considered a type of damage. When a car accident victim faces severe injuries and loses the ability to work or earn an income temporarily or permanently, it will be considered an income loss. Such damage will be calculated based on the amount of payment and the severity of loss of income. Life expectancy and other damage formulas will be accounted for before this damage is settled. 


Pain or suffering is one of the most common types of damage a victim might experience after an accident. Pain and suffering are considered intangible and non-economic damage. Although, you must know that you will be entitled to compensation as a result of the injuries from the accident. 


Many people might not be aware of this type of damage. However, disfigurement is one of the crucial types of injuries that can impact the victim’s life. Some accidents can leave the victims scared or permanently disfigured in a way. The victim can recover such damages with the help of an attorney. 

Property losses

Car accident victims can also recover property losses as a type of damage. The victim can effectively claim property losses apart from bodily injuries. Such claims can help the victim repair or replace personal property lost after the accident. 

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