The Benefits of Technology in Education

Using technology in education allows teachers to supplement the curriculum with a variety of learning tools. Tech devices also allow students to conduct more in-depth research and gain a broader perspective on a particular topic. Though the use of the Internet should be regulated, this medium provides a variety of media options. This is good for students because they can create their own websites to share their ideas with others. But how does technology help teachers?

Students can learn by exploring subjects they otherwise may not be able to explore. While older generations had to rely on printed books and other more traditional resources, today, children have access to an endless supply of information. Technology can even supplement learning outside the classroom, such as with YouTube videos or a virtual field trip to a natural history museum. Children learn more effectively when they are guided and given a purpose. This is especially true if the classroom is not fully prepared, as this is often overlooked.

The benefits of technology in education are numerous, but it is important to understand the potential pitfalls. Many children are not accustomed to using technology outside of the classroom. They often use their devices for their own pleasure. Using smartphones while in class can detract from concentrated learning. Students are often distracted by games, instant messaging, and social networking on their smartphones. Additionally, too much time spent using technology can be unhealthy. Over-use of technology can lead to health issues, as a result of exposure to the resulting radiation.

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