Promoting Physical Activity For Children

Lack of physical activity is bad for kids’ health. It leads to weight gain, cardiovascular disease, and bone health issues. Fortunately, kids who are active tend to have fewer chronic health problems. The more active they are, the less they will get sick, so it’s important to get kids active in their daily routines. A few easy steps to encourage children to be active include including exercise in daily activities, such as taking them to play dates, walking around the neighborhood, or playing sports.

Physical activity in school is essential for kids’ academic performance and well-being. Unfortunately, a large proportion of children don’t get enough exercise outside of school. These kids are at a greater risk for overweight, attention problems, and depression. To promote physical activity in children, parents can find extracurricular activities that are enjoyable to them. Parents can also engage in physical activities for themselves and their children at home. For example, they can start walking to and from school each day.

Studies have shown that physical activity helps kids stay mentally healthy. Active kids are less likely to miss school due to mental health problems, such as depression. Likewise, physical activity helps kids build stronger bones and muscles, which can help them avoid future health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. Physical activity helps kids sleep better and is good for their health. For those concerned about your child’s safety, consider hiring a child care provider who can help your child choose the best sport for them.

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