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LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to interact with a wide range of professionals, from employers to influencers and users with similar interests.

However, there’s always the possibility that some of your connection requests will be turned down. But having a personalised connection message on LinkedIn can help with the rejections.

Here’s our guide to writing the ideal LinkedIn connection message to help you avoid this.

How to craft the perfect connection message on LinkedIn that is never turned down

Your message may be unsuccessful if you’re throwing out a lot of connection requests just to have them all rejected.

Using a sloppy or generic LinkedIn connection message might severely limit the number of connections you can make. It appears to be a problem now that LinkedIn has restricted the number of connection requests.

Consider this: many LinkedIn users are being inundated by marketers attempting to sell to them. They are expecting a large number of spam communications. If your initial communication comes off as excessively salesy or impersonal, they’re far more inclined to disregard it.

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The following are some of the most typical blunders individuals make when crafting LinkedIn connection messages:

  •       Excessive self-promotion or promotion of their business
  •       Directly discussing items, special discounts, or promotions
  •       Using a generic template with little personalization or thoughtful touches
  •       Requests using the phrase “I’ve checked your profile” when they haven’t

These problems will set off alarms in the minds of your potential connections. This is mostly due to the fact that these prospects are frequently approached by a slew of marketers and spammers who have done little research and are looking for a quick sale. They will eventually figure it out!

That’s why it’s critical to take the time to consider the messages you’re conveying when sending out a connection message on LinkedIn.

A tiny bit of time and effort might just have a significant impact on your results.

Tips for writing an effective LinkedIn connection message

Ensure you’re not applying LinkedIn’s pre-set message or your own typical template when connecting with somebody you know or someone you don’t know but want to meet.

Also, double-check that you’re not simply hitting “connect” on a bunch of people’s accounts. They could label it as spam if you do this. If you receive too many spam tags, LinkedIn may suspend your account entirely.

Instead, you should devise a method to assist you in connecting with others and forming true connections with them. Taking help from LinkedIn AI and automation tools can also be a great idea to come up with an effective connection message on LinkedIn.

You will need to ensure that:

  •       Every time you make a request, you must be professional and courteous.
  •       You give a brief introduction and some personal details.
  •       Consider appreciating the person’s goods and service by describing how it has benefited you personally.
  •       Make certain you’ve done your research on the prospect and that your message contains relevant insights.
  •       You use open-ended queries to pique the prospect’s interest.

Closing thoughts

Being able to compose an exceptional connection message on LinkedIn is a terrific place to start if you want to enhance the number of quality connections on LinkedIn.

You could increase your chances of developing a successful LinkedIn network by following the above mentioned recommendations and improving your prospects.

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