How to Hide Your Online Status in Facebook

If you’re constantly receiving messages from friends on Facebook about when you’re online, you may want to learn how to hide your ‘active status’. Facebook offers a way to hide your active status on the web, Android, and iOS. Here are a few ways to do it. Then, simply turn the ‘active status’ back on. However, this will not stop your friends from knowing when you’re online – they’ll still see your name and photos.

You can do this from both the Facebook app and Messenger. If you have multiple devices, you’ll need to disable your active status on each of them. You can do this from within your account settings. Then, simply click “Hide My Status” in the Messenger app and you’re good to go. It’s that easy! The best part? It’s free! Your friends won’t be able to see your active status!

Once you’ve found the settings menu, you can toggle off the “Show when you’re online” option. You can also choose not to share your status with people you don’t know. This feature is available for people you know in groups or at your workplace. Using Facebook messenger, you can hide your online status by sending them private messages only. This option will hide your status from other people if you’re in a group chat.

If you’d rather remain anonymous, you can use another social networking app. For Android, you can hide your last seen and online status by enabling Messenger and Facebook Lite. Similarly, if you’d rather have a more private Facebook account, you can block people from seeing your last seen time. It’s just as easy to hide your active status on Android devices as on iPhone. You can do it through Messenger on your Android device – simply install these apps to get started!

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