How to Choose the Best Supplier of Wholesale Plus Size Clothing

There are several ways to choose the best supplier of wholesale plus size clothing. One of these is to read customer reviews of the vendor. This will alert you if they are a fraud or provide poor quality plus size clothes. If the vendor has many positive reviews, this will tell you that they are a phony or low-quality vendor.

FondMart for Women’s Clothing and Shopify Integration:

To start selling women’s clothing online, consider using a global dropshipping platform like FondMart. Its product database contains more than 200,000 products. The site is constantly updating and adding new products. They also have a product team that recommends new products every half-month. This platform strives to provide customers with various products at the most affordable prices.

FondMart is a global dropshipping platform:

FondMart’s Shopify integration makes order fulfilment and inventory management a breeze. You can easily import your products and enable the Auto-Sync service, which synchronizes orders and inventory information between Shopify and FondMart. This makes the entire process simple and helps you focus on running your business. Best of all, the service is completely free. You only pay for the products you sell, shipping and customization costs.

FondMart offers a range of wholesale women’s clothing, and its database of over 200,000 items comes from over 5,000 suppliers and designers. Their automated search feature and merchandise consultants can help you choose the right products for your store. This lets you focus on the most critical aspects of running your business. For example, activewear wholesale is a popular trend in women’s fashion, and FondMart’s catalogue includes a variety of styles and designs.

It offers plus-size clothing:

If you’re looking for plus-size clothing, FondMart has you covered. The company offers a large selection of plus-size fashions and private label services. This makes it an excellent choice for both e-commerce businesses and boutiques that want to expand their customer base and increase the quality of their products.

FondMart is a global online marketplace that is focused on plus-size fashions. It has over 5000 suppliers in China and constantly updates its product line. Its vast product selection features plus-size clothing for every occasion. Furthermore, the company also offers dropshipping services.

If you’re looking for a large-scale supplier of plus-size apparel, FondMart has a wholesale vendor program that makes it easy for you to sell at a great price. They offer competitive pricing and personal service from their sales managers. This program is easy to set up and offers a high volume of items without spending too much time preparing inventory.

It has a fast supply chain:

As a result, FondMart’s products can be delivered anywhere in the world within 45 days or less. This is significantly faster than the typical retail cycle of 90 days. This fast delivery time is achieved with a global sourcing team that shortens the time to market and increases productivity.

FondMart’s inventory comprises more than 200,000 products from over 15,000 suppliers and designers. It is constantly updated, so buyers can browse through unique products and choose from various colours, styles, and materials. Its merchandise team is dedicated to making buying as easy as possible. They add over 200 new products to their database each half-month.

Another advantage of working with FondMart is their no-minimum order requirement. This reduces the barrier to entry and eliminates inventory costs. Additionally, buyers can try out new clothes before investing in a large order. They can also put off making a large order until the supplier cooperates with their order. Once they find the right supplier, they can make a larger order and still get their products delivered quickly.

It integrates with Shopify:

Integrating FondMart for women’s clothing and Shopify makes order fulfilment and inventory management more efficient. Orders are automatically fulfilled from the FondMart backend, and shipping costs and product availability are automatically synchronized. Additionally, the Auto-Sync service automatically updates inventory and shipping information in Shopify. This eliminates manual tracking and ensures that products ship on time.

The integration is seamless and easy to use. You must import the products from FondMart, activate Auto-Sync, and your inventory information will sync with your Shopify store. The best part is that the integration is free and requires no monthly service or subscription fee. You pay only for what you sell and when you ship orders.

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