How Do You Glue a Starlight Headliner to Your Car?

Are you wondering how to glue a starlight headliner to your car? If so, you are not alone. Most of us have experienced this problem as well. There are several types of adhesive, including AKEPO, AZIMOM, and CHINLY. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of gluing these different types of headliners, and show you how to apply them. You can know more about best straight headliners here:


An AKEPO starlight headliner kit will give your room a real, mystical nighttime experience. Its twinkle and shooting star effects will leave you spellbound and the included remote control allows you to adjust the intensity of the lights to suit your mood. Its advanced Bluetooth connectivity eliminates the need to fiddle around with a remote control. And with its high-quality, realistic LED lights, you’ll never need to worry about electrical shock.

Once you’ve purchased your Starlight Headliner kit, it’s time to install it. To install a Starlight Headliner, you’ll need some tools. To install the kit, first untangle the Fiber Optic cables and mark the points on the headliner. Once you’ve done that, drill holes to attach the Fibers. Make sure to trim off any excess fiber to fit the headliner and car.


An AZIMOM upgraded Bluetooth-controlled starlight headliner has 28 essential functions. Its 1000 pieces of light can be combined to form beautiful designs. It is made of waterproof fiber optic cable and comes with a two-year warranty. Suitable for home and car decoration, the starlight headliner is also an excellent choice for business establishments. It is available in various colors and styles to suit different occasions.

The dual-port Bluetooth-controlled starlight headliner offers 16 million color choices. Its flash and fade modes make it possible to change the colors as per your mood. It can also be switched on or off by simply pressing its remote control. It also works with Google Home and can be operated using a smartphone app. The starlight headliner has a large battery capacity of 3000mAh, and it can last for three hours while lighting your car. In addition to being sound-activated, it can be switched off when you need to sleep.


If you are looking for ways to decorate your ceiling without spending a fortune, consider installing a starlight headliner. The CHINLY lighting kit is a unique way to add a unique effect to your room. It uses an advanced light engine that moves and changes color in time with music. Not only is the ceiling light beautiful and unique, but the CHINLY lighting kit is also waterproof and non-conductive. It can operate in temperatures from -58 degrees to 167 degrees. You can also purchase a kit with extra colors or music features.

Before you install the starlight headliner kit, make sure to check the instructions carefully. You might need to change the installation method to avoid damaging your headliner. Typically, the starlight headliner is attached with adhesive. However, it is important to note the pattern on the headliner before drilling holes. Be sure to untangle the fibers before you start installing the lights. The next step is to glue the fabric headliner back to the harder material.


An upgraded Bluetooth-controlled starlight headliner from Azimom offers 28 essential functions. Its 1,000 pieces of light can create a variety of stunning designs. The fiber optic cable is waterproof and is designed for multiple applications. This product is perfect for both home and car decoration and is also a great way to decorate a business establishment. Read on to learn more about this product. Here’s a look at some of its features:

The AZIMOM dual port twinkle Bluetooth-controlled starlight headliner has a sixteen-million-color wheel, so you can customize the colors. Choose either the fade or flash setting, and then adjust the brightness and color of the LEDs to suit your mood. It’s easy to install, too. The pricks are so tiny that it doesn’t require any special tools to install it.

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