Does a face lift really help you look younger?

Dr. Thananchai: from bangmodaesthetic says that for doctors it depends on the point of view. Medically, he wouldn’t be able to tell how many years it would look like it had dropped. But according to the doctor’s principles, he will consider each groove. How shallow it is how much less wrinkles Sagging can also be measured from 4th grade to 3rd grade or 2nd grade, but we’re not going to say that his face will look 10 years younger, but there are so-called facelift factors. Get good results, such as patients with wrinkles. A lot of sagging face Finish pulling time will clearly see the difference Therefore, the patient will feel that his face looks ten years younger, but if compared to a person who is about 30-40 years younger, then come to pull the face. He might feel that his face tightened. But it might not be much different from before. Because there are many factors that lead to different results.

How should people interested in facelifting begin?

Dr. Thananchai: The most important thing is to consult a doctor first. The doctor will take a detailed history. We wouldn’t recommend doing too much. Actually, according to medical principles, it’s not that the more you do, the better. But according to medical principles, the less surgery the better. Therefore, patients who are interested in a facelift must first undergo an analysis. There are many people who come to consult the doctor saying that they want to do the whole face. Sometimes the list will come up to 10 things, but after the doctor analyzes them, they will recommend you to do only the problem areas. You will do less of the 10 things you want to do. There may be only 1-2 things left to do. When you do less, you get good results, it’s over. The less you do in the problem area, the better and safer it is.

What precautions are there for people who have face lift surgery?

Dr. Thananchai: According to medical principles, there will be. For example, the surgical wound must not be exposed to water. Wait for the wound to heal first. Then make a cold compress to prevent it from swelling and bruising. Sleeping on high pillows helps wounds heal faster. Along with taking medication And to prevent the wound from becoming infected, there will be antibiotics, painkillers, and swelling pills. must act according to medical principles for the wound to heal

Before deciding to pull a page, what should you consider?

Dr. Thananchai: There are many methods of facelifting, many techniques, which are effective by doctors. because when it was a major surgery, it required experienced physicians. To do well, it must have special expertise in this field. There are many different surgical techniques. So it comes with a variety of prices. So if you want to recommend, you need to look at 3 things. First, consider safety. If we go to a hospital where they don’t have an anesthesiologist in general anesthesia no recovery It is considered unsafe. This is only for safety equipment. Second, let’s look at the quality. Which are the techniques? What is the difference between surgery? The best method may be based on the direct experience of people close to oneself, for example, if there are relatives, family members. Or friends to do it and have good results. It can be more reliable than reviews from people we don’t know. When checking the safety, quality, then look at the price. which would like to have more priorities like this

How to choose a doctor as safe as possible

Dr. Thananchai: There are two things that should be checked: see how many years of experience the doctor has. Graduation only in which field? Which can be checked by taking the name of the doctor to check from the database on the Medical Council website. The information will tell that each doctor is a general doctor. Or end only in what areas? And another thing that must be checked is a medical facility. You can also check from the SorPorPor.Sor website (here) if the registration is correct or not. But this is a general check. which, before making a decision, you should go see a doctor to consult and see the actual location, it would be better Because checking through the website, it can’t compete with the direct experience that has come to talk and can’t see the real place anymore.

Recommend tips for healthy skin that you can do at home

Dr. Thananchai: There are two main factors of good skin health. One is hydration. According to medical principles, he has researched people with very dry skin. compared to those with hydrated skin. found that people with moist skin or more collagen The chances of sagging skin are less than those with dry skin. It can be noted that in the market of various skin care creams. It will add moisturizer and various skin care substances to stimulate the skin to have more collagen. more moisture This is important We have to look at what our skin looks like. The second is prevention. is sun protection Because the factor that makes the face look old quickly is Photoaging, which is the exposure of the skin to UV light, both UVA and UVB if exposed to the sun a lot. I have to keep applying sunscreen. And equally important is the matter of mental health. It has a great effect on the face. If you are a person with negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, distress, sadness, these will affect the skin as well. There is a lot of research That says that the body and the mind are connected. If the mind is in a lot of Negative Thoughts mode, it will eventually make facial expressions. The face will look tired and not bright. People who worry a lot. will look older than age

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