Are Cheap Android Smartphones a Security Risk to Users?

One question on users’ minds: Are cheap Android smartphones a security risk? The answer varies depending on who you ask. Generally, cheap Android smartphones have less secure operating systems than their more expensive counterparts. One example is the MYA2 (Microsoft YPY-S7100), which came with an old version of Android. This meant it could not be updated and was susceptible to malware. Another example is the Facebook Lite, which came pre-installed with default permissions.

Android devices are popular with lower-income users. According to the World Bank, only about one percent of smartphone users in India use iOS. Cheap devices often have a lower price tag, and the manufacturers cut corners in order to make them cheaper. Some of these devices even have deals with app makers to pre-install a bunch of malicious apps. As a result, these smartphones aren’t secure, and the risk to the user is high.

Another problem is that cheap phones come with outdated operating systems and apps. Older phones are more vulnerable to malware and security threats than newer models. The risk is greatest when these devices are not updated on a regular basis. Even though some of these devices may have fine hardware, they lack the latest security updates. In the long run, these devices may turn into a ticking time bomb. However, you can still find a cheap phone that has excellent hardware quality.

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While Android is a secure operating system, manufacturers cannot control component vulnerabilities. Cheap Android smartphones are susceptible to malware because they lack security features. Malware is the order of the day. As a result, millions of Android phones are unpatched. Malware can ruin a user’s device and steal valuable data. It’s scary to have your phone stolen among the elements. But it’s important to choose a secure phone that is not prone to malware.

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