5 Ways To Relieve Stubborn Summer Allergies

Summer allergies have to be the worse. There’s simply no better time to be outside than the warmer months, but if dust and pollen aggravate your nose, it can be difficult. Here are some of our best tips to get through it without resorting to prescription medication. Check out our homeopathic allergy medicine to help support your wellbeing.

Alleviating Summer Allergies Without Medication

If you’re trying to get through the summer without medication, you may need to figure out what is causing your allergies. Mold, tree pollen and smoke are all causes of allergies, and by avoiding your allergens, you can have better days.

1. Watch allergen levels.

Avoid outdoor activities when allergens are higher. If you have a problem with mold, don’t garden when it’s humid and moist. Stay inside when pollen counts are high. Don’t rake or mow without using a face mask that filters out dust.

2. Control airborne irritants.

Avoid smoke, even grilling or fires can irritate allergies. Don’t use perfumes or sprays, especially indoors. Vacuum your home with HEPA filters. Change the air filter on your AC every month. If the humidity is strong, consider a dehumidifier to combat mold and mildew inside. Use a homeopathic chest congestion relief before symptoms get worse.

Lifestyle Changes To Reduce Seasonal Allergies

You can make some changes to your routine to help with seasonal allergies.

3. Diet changes can help.

Green tea contains natural antihistamines. Drink a cup every morning. Eat healthy to support your respiratory system. Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins support your wellbeing and promote healthy lungs. Go to your farmer’s market weekly to support local producers and pick up some great produce that is fresh and tasty. Dairy products can make coughing worse. Switch to a plant-based milk drink to see if that alleviates problems.

4. Use fresh herbs and spices to season food

Many people use too much salt. Reducing your salt consumption can improve your lung function. Summer is the perfect season to introduce fresh herbs into your meals. Avoid very spicy foods, hot peppers, for example, because they cause you to have runny eyes and make your nose run. This can exacerbate allergy symptoms.

5. Don’t bring pollen inside.

Don’t hang up your laundry outside, because all the airborne pollens and dirt will stick to your clothes, sheets and towels. When you’ve been outside, change clothes when you get inside. You might also want to wash your hair and rinse off before changing clothes. Pollen counts are often highest in the morning. Do your outside chores in the evening. Exercise inside when allergens are high.

Try Home Remedies

Rinsing your sinuses or using alternative treatments can help, but don’t get so focused on not taking medication that you make yourself sicker. Know when it’s time to talk to your doctor for relief. Your healthcare provider may have treatment options to help you manage your allergies better. Look for homeopathic allergy remedies and over the counter flu medicine to help you get relief from common health problems.

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