4 Tips to Make Long Commutes Bearable & Fun

No one likes the idea of a long commute that demands sitting in a cramped seat for long hours without the pleasure of feasting one’s eyes on beautiful scenery. Suppose your daily commute takes two hours or more. In that case, you’re likely on the hunt for ideas to spend this time purposefully or enjoyably.

Finding meaningful and engaging activities to make use of this free time is a healthier response than dreading the long commute and marinating in stress. If your daily routine is jam-packed with chores, think of this dreadfully long commute as free time to indulge in things you love.

Read on to explore tips to make long commutes bearable and even fun.

1.    Tune into Audiobooks & Podcasts

Whether you’re looking to learn something new or escape into a literary world of wonder, tuning into audiobooks and podcasts is a great strategy. Most people struggle to concentrate or read hardcover books while traveling while many feel nauseous while reading in a moving vehicle.

An audiobook or podcast is a more practical solution to keep yourself occupied and enjoy some me-time before the work day begins.

2.    Plan your Day

Use the long commute to plan your entire schedule for the day, setting priorities and making checklists of all the tasks you need to tackle. Consider investing in an elaborate planner where you can prioritize your chores and errands, and pen down notes and reminders for yourself.

Early morning is an excellent time to plan one’s day, while the late evening is ideal for reflecting on one’s day and productivity. If you spend your mornings and evenings commuting to and from work, you can use this time to find ways to be more productive and efficient.

3.    Play Games Online

The online world of gaming is endlessly vast and ever-evolving, with exciting new releases to delight gaming enthusiasts. You can invest in a high-tech gaming console or enjoy playing on your smartphone. Online gaming opens up an abundance of choices and niches, making it easier for players to find games that appeal to their taste.

For instance, seasoned gamers can explore arcade games or connect with players worldwide while playing multiplayer role-playing games. Likewise, gambling enthusiasts can play casino slots online, and sports bettors can explore online betting platforms. If you’re on the hunt for a reputable and secure live sports betting platform, we suggest visiting for an unmatched experience.

4.    Catch up with Family & Friends

We all struggle to catch up with friends and have long phone calls with parents and siblings while managing our day-to-day routines. A long commute is an excellent time to catch up, if you don’t mind having telephonic conversations in public spaces.

You can Facetime your loved ones to put an end to your misery with their gleeful smiles and gossip, or you can speak over the phone to carve some privacy despite the public setting.

Final Thoughts

Focusing on the negative aspects of a dreadful experience, be it boring long commutes or the horrid smell of fish markets, can blind us to the bright side of the situation. The silver lining is only visible when you’re actively looking for it and eager to turn a bad situation into a pleasant one.

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